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The Funeral Of Tiana Rogers
by JC Pinkerton

On September 3, 1904, the remains of what was believed to be Tiana Rogers was exhumed from the grave at Wilson’s Rock. A large crowd of people stood by as the remains were carefully removed and taken to Ft. Gibson for further investigation.

"The bones were that of a very tall and large framed woman. A tortoise-shell comb was in the grave. All large bones were there, lower limbs and arms with skull in two parts, frontal and back with portions of upper and lower jaw which contained a number of teeth in an apparently perfect state of preservation.

Most of the teeth were fine showing a high state of intelligence and moral qualities. It also showed large social organs, all showing that the woman was a person of much more than ordinary talent and ability. The shell comb was circular shape about seven inches across."

- Sam Houston With The Cherokees

The Funeral

The funeral of Tiana Rogers was widely advertised to be held on September 4, 1904. On a rainy Sunday at 1:20 p.m. the funeral procession started from Hefferan House headed by the supreme hearse of O.H. Farley & Co. of Muskogee. A fine casket was enclosed in a metallic lined box, draped in a brilliant American flag.

Pallbearers were:
A.W. Chapman
J.M. Davis
J.B. Doyle
H.R. Estes
Wm. Harper
G.A. Tatome

Between 400-500 people attended the funeral of Tiana Rogers, including Secret Service men. The remains were laid to rest at Ft. Gibson National Cemetery in the circle around the flag among army officers and their wives. Still, some people believe that the grave marker of Tiana Rogers is inscribed with the wrong name and that the body inside the grave is not that of Tiana Rogers.

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