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Mountain Talk'n"
by JC Pinkerton

Mountain folk living way back in America’s Appalachian mountains have a mite different talk than most folks. Their speech and way of life dates back to earlier times when life was more relaxed. Here are some examples of “mountain talk’n.”

  • A-Fixin’ – Getting ready. “We’re a-fixin’ to go down the holler.”
  • Aim – To intend to do something. “I aim to buy a new cow.”
  • Askeered of – Afraid of something. “He’s askeered of his own shadow.”
  • Awful Poorly – feeling very ill. “Mrs. P been feeling awful poorly lately.”
  • Biggety – Stuck up. “He’s been acting biggety here lately.”
  • Book Read – Educated. “We aim for John Boy to get book read whenever.”
  • Bresh – Brush. “Looks like Jim Bob forgot to bresh his hair.”
  • Chaps – Childen. “Tell the chaps to go wash up.”
  • Crick – Stiff muscles or joints. “Ole Ben got a crick in his neck.”
  • Cuttin’ Up – Making a fool of ones self. “John Boy was cuttin’ up again last night.”
  • Dask – to dare. “Don’t you dask tell John Boy Erma’s got a crush on him.”
  • Doin’s – An event or function. “We’ll be serving fried chicken at the church doin’s.”
  • Et – Eat. “Did you et already?”
  • Fetch – To get something. “Best go fetch the doc.”
  • Fibbed – To lie. “Skeeter fibbed on John Boy bout swipping that watermelon.”
  • Fur Piece – A good distance away. “Erma’s mama lives a fur piece from her own folks.”
  • Gander – To look at. “Take a gander at Skeeter’s breeches.”
  • Gully-Washer – A hard rain. “Laud, we got a gully-washer last night.”
  • Hesh Up – Shut up, be quiet. “Make John Boy hesh up.”
  • Holler – A small valley down in the mountains. “Erma said she’s goin’ down in the holler.”
  • Kivver – Covered. “Laud, them young-uns got pizen oak.”
  • Lollygag – To loaf around, do nothing. “Ole Butch been lollygagging around for years.”
  • Naw – No. “Naw, I never took no moonshine.”
  • Parts – An area, neighborhood. “Been livin’ in these parts few 30 years or more.”
  • Peaked – Pale or sickly looking. “You lookin’ peaked today.”
  • Pizen – Poison. “I heared George, Jr. almost pizened his self with moonshine.”
  • Plumb – Completely. “I’m plumb fed up with the way them Camdens carry on.”
  • Poke – Paper bag. “Sarah put the vegetables in a poke.”
  • Put Out – Angry or mad. “Ole Doc was put out ‘bout the church meeting.”
  • Shet – to shut. “Shet the window.”
  • Skittish – Nervous. “Them horses get right skittish before a bad thunderstorm.”
  • Smack-Dab – Exactly. “Ben shot that bear smack-dab between the eyes.”
  • Smart – To hurt. “It shore did smart when John Boy’s horse bit me.”
  • Vittles – Food. “Yall come over Saturday evening for some vittles.”
  • Whupped – Whipped. “Pa gave me the whupping of my life when I sobered up.”
  • Yall Come – Come back again. “Bye, Skeeter. Yall Come.”
  • You’ns – You or you all. “You’ns ain’t go see Erma tonight are you?”
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    Real Mountain Folk

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