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Howdy! Are you restless and don't set well in the modern world? Welcome to YonderDays, a resource site for historians, students, teachers, and history fans offering articles, links, newsletters and more about life in the past.
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In Search of Larry McMurtry
Interview With Matt Braun
Interview With Janice Woods Windle
Tiana Rogers

Old Timey
Western Clipart.

A Cooper was a person who made/repaired wooden vessels such as barrels and wooden tubs.

By 1809 Pittsburgh had five coopers.

Frederic Remington - Outlier the
Outlier the
Frederic Remington
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Welcome to YonderDays

Summer 2002

An online publication dedicated to
yonder days

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by Matt Braun


"My own experience has been that the tools I need for my trade are paper, tobacco, food, and a little whisky."

-William Faulkner


Interview With Matt Braun
by JC Pinkerton

Read an interview with famous western writer, Matt Braun!

Timeline 1800 - 1908
by YonderDays

Check out our timeline and find out what was happening in yonder days!

Fall Recipes
by YonderDays

Time to make apple butter! Check out our easy Fall recipes for apple butter, cobbler and scrapple.

Hot Toddy Recipes
by YonderDays

Recipes such as Irish Whiskey with a twist, spiked eggnog and more.

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Sheila Hill - Morning Glory L-E
Morning Glory L-E
Sheila Hill
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We're Still Here : Contemporary Virginia Indians Tell Their Stories

Jeannie, A Texas Frontier Girl: Book 1

Native Peoples

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